Bali South


Discover the Jade below the southern cliff. Jimbaran is the entry point for all produces for Bali. It has island’s biggest fish market and houses a variety of seafood restaurants offering authentic Balinese seafood cuisine.

Uluwatu is on the southern tip of island. The area is blessed with great temples, picture perfect cliff view, white sand beaches and great surfing.

A little exploration along the beaten path en route from Jimbaran to Uluwatu will impress you of the unique and picturesque Bali, a paradise where sand and surf creates the “heaven on earth’.

Nyang Nyang Beach

An adventurous drive on the off-road leads you to a vast area of land with a small warung on the edge of the cliff. Equipped with ice cold water, you are ready to head down the staircase to the bottom of the cliff. The stairs are well-made with several resting place. At the bottom of cliff, you will find the sparkling Jade Ocean. To reach the beach, you will walk across a vast grass field with cows grazing under the shadow of the giant green cliff. On the other side of the green, you will find the white sandy beach that is spotlessly clean. Take a long relaxing rest on the beach and take in this wonderful of picture of culture and the magnificent scenery before climbing back.


Suluban, means to ‘Bow’ in Balinese. It is a beach below the cliff nearby Uluwatu temple. The surfers call it Blue point. Suluban was once a location where the only sound heard, where the sound of the surf breaks. Today it has become a popular surfers’ destination, with many warungs and surf board rentals hanging on the cliff.

Locals call it Suluban because at the end of the stairs is a wide cave opening onto the beach, and you have to ‘bow’ to pass through the many narrow holes in the cave, which eventually bring you to a long stretch of beach under the cliff. If you are not a surfer, best time to visit is in the afternoon and stay until sunset and the view is superb.


The entry to Padang-Padang is also through a long narrow dark cave. Once reaching the other side of the cave, you have arrived in a new dimension. The beach is not big and water is calm. This is a place to gather and enjoy the sand and water.

Uluwatu Temple

‘Ulu’ means land’s end and ‘watu’ means rock. The southern-most tip of Bali is famous for its magical sunsets with Uluwatu temple silhouetted in the foreground on the edge of the steep cliff. Uluwatu temple is one of the Sad Kyhayangan (six most important temples in Bali). It is dedicated to Rudra, the God of the storm, the wind, and the hunt. Built by a priest from Java in A.D. 1546, the temple and its surrounds are considered to be the one of most sacred sites on the island. It is highly recommended to arrive at 5pm before the sunset to soak in the view and attend the ceremonial Kecak Fire Dance afterwards.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot has been a part of Balinese mythology for centuries. The temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide. At the base of the rocky island, poisonous sea snakes are believed to guard the temple from evil spirits and intruders.


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